About Us

Fasco Cables, established in 1994 with a background of over fifteen years in the industry has adhered to the same goals and principles that have positioned us as a leader in the quality products and services. We put forward our punch line "FASCO MEANS FAITH" by providing the customer with FAITH of EXCELLENCE, FAITH of QUALITY and FAITH OF VALUE FOR MONEY. Fasco Cables as one of the leading manufacturers of wires and cables in India has among the largest dealer and distributor network all over the India, which enables its products to reach every nook and corner of the country.

Fasco Cable is a leading cable manufacturer of superior and best quality products in Electrical Wires & Cables with more than fifteen years experience in this business. We utilize giant manufacturing infrastructure with sound technical and production abilities and know-how. The company manufactures and has special abilities in PVC - XLPE - LT Power & Control Cables, Multicore Flexible Wires, House Wires/ Building Wires, Flat Cable especially for Submersible pumps and Arial bunched cables & HT Application Cables. We supply a wide range and operate as one of the top cable manufacturer in India.

With the preceding time as a cable manufacturer from India our company also gained a stronger market presence making Fasco Cable (India). one of the largest and the most trusted manufacturer of PVC wires & cables. Our latest and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is situated at Shapar India. All our facilities involve modern technology, tools, high-tech machines which spin out the best quality standard of cables

The company firmly believes in maintaining a healthy customer-manufacturer relationship and has gained a personal bond with all our clients. The on-time delivery system and competitive rates makes sure that the product reaches client without making any delay and at correct prices. Our strong National Distribution Network bonds us with our clients in every market of the world.

Quality Control Management :

The Quality control team at Fasco Cable has made it possible for the company to scale new avenues and heights. The rigorous quality control practices followed in our company has shaped our name as one of the most trusted Wires & Cables brand in India and abroad.

The specially designed Product-lab makes sure for that perfect quality is delivered in the product so that it performs best wherever it is applied. The products are rigorously tested at the Lab ensuring for the finest quality of cables.

Fasco Cable complete Product Range varies from :

  1. PVC/XLPE Power & Control Cables
  2. Building wires/ FR/FRLS/HRLF
  3. Flat Submersible Cables
  4. Multi-core Industrial Flexible Cables
  5. Arial Bunched Cables
  6. HT Application Cables