, Fasco Cable

Coaxial Cable

The company is specialized in the manufacturing as well as supplying of coaxial cables. The coaxial audio cables we supply in the market is made up of highly conductive electrolyte grade annealed bare solid copper conductor. They are insulated with PVC coating for sager use. The aluminum foil screening along with copper braiding on our coaxial cables ensures minimum loss in signal. In addition to this, we are reckoned as one of the most reputed coaxial cables manufacturers in the country. Besides, the company is also counted among the leading flat coaxial cable exporters from India.

Fasco Cables has the central conductor of solid stranded bare which electrolytic graded of 99.97% pure copper. The secondary conductor is specially designed with poly-aluminium tape, applied longitudinally which overlaps and is bonded on the foam dielectric. Aluminium alloy wires with high tensile strength are braided and applied for the aluminium tape with specified coverage. The cable is then jacketed with a special long lasting UV resistant PVC compound. Following are the details of Coaxial Cables.

Fasco Cable cables that are technologically superior. Fasco Cable cables are manufactured by high speed machinery and latest technology covering measurement, control and communication. The center/ inner conductor is made of Solid Annealed electrolytic 99.97% pure copper grade to ensure better signal transmission. The high quality Dielectric / Insulated with Gas injected Polyethylene Foam with nitrogen gas provides low transmission losses. The double screening of composite type bonded aluminum foil with high grade aluminum alloy braiding of 60% ensures low attenuation values and better picture quality. It also comes with 99.97% pure copper braiding of 80% to 90% coverage for better mechanical strength and for low resistance.


  • Wiring for Video (Cameras/Monitors)
  • Mobile and Fixed Installations
  • Transmission of Digital Color signals
  • For fixed installations across long distances (Theaters, Stadiums, Studios, Commercial Complexes)
  • Audio and Video Transmission
  • Transmission of Audio/Video signals for image projectors
  • For the connection of cameras with recorders
  • Data transfers
  • High Frequency technology
  • Antenna Construction
  • For the connections of terrestial TV System
  • For the WLL instruments with the connectors
  • Notch free attenuation values over wide band of frequences.
Product Advantages
  • Suitable for all normed plugs connectors
  • Precise surge impedence of 50 ohms and 75 ohms and as per the requirements
  • Great Durability
  • Low damping values and high image signal transmission
  • Video signal with power supply in one cable is also available
  • Video cable +2audio united in one cable is also there
  • Dependence and loss free transmission of image sound and power in one cable
  • Great durability and high resistance due to the high quality PVC, PE, TPR, FRLS or PU Jacket
  • ROHS Compliance cables are also available
  • Tramission parameters tested by imported testing machine